I come from a dark place. That’s why I want so badly to knock away the dirt and show people the light.

…and yes, I know that’s a bit too artsy fartsy for a first impression, so here’s the simpler version.

My name’s Liz. I’m a native Californian, specifically a Valley Girl (like, fer shure!). Along with being intensely active in online fandom and the world of prose RPG’s, I am also an aspiring writer. If you’re here, that’s probably why: I’m publishing my novel on this blog, and hoping not only to get it out in the world, but to help a few people along the way.

I’m very open about my life on social media, and…I’ve seen a lot. Life as my father’s sole caregiver is not easy, especially while working a 9 to 5, but I scrape by. I want to make money for writing, because writing isn’t something I can stop myself from doing so I’d like to make it pay. Full time? Even better, but for now I would just like to see if it can help pay the bills.

If you want to learn a lot about me, read my blog. Read my novel…because everything I write about, I believe, even in my darkest hours. The force that keeps every human heart beating is the thing that this world tries hardest to beat out of us with every passing day. A lot of my world is in my writing, but the core value is everything I am.

Hope keeps us alive, and that is why I created the Avatars: to look after it.


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