The Shackle That Binds: A FRATERNITY OF LIGHT Novel

Some of you who know me well are familiar with the world of the Fraternity. To those that aren’t, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

The story of Pandora’s Box is a familiar one: Pandora was made by the gods to punish Prometheus by punishing the humans he loved so much. She unlocked a box she was told never to open, freed Evil itself from its confines…but shut the lid just before Hope could escape to be devoured by the Darkness.

The story, however, doesn’t end there. You see…well, I’ll let the main character explain things in brief.


My name is Michael Kellar, and there’s only two things about me that are really unusual these days. One is my twin brother, Jay…half an hour older, and he never lets me forget it.

The other? Well, that’s a little weirder. I’m not human.

My people are the Children of Pandora. You know, the chick that opened up the box and let evil into the world, but kept Hope from being destroyed? Well, she took Hope into herself because she was made by the gods, not born. Hope became her soul, and later she shared the power with her Titan husband. They’re my ancestors, and that’s what I am: an Avatar. I’m human like Pandora, strong like a Titan, and lacking a soul of my own. Hope keeps me alive, hope keeps everything alive. It’s more than a virtue, it’s the primal spark of all life in the universe.

Most of my people live normal lives, for the most part. We have access to the true power of Hope, so we can do real magic. Lots of us work in the field of stage illusion, using our tricks and displays of power to nurture the spark in all of you. We’re perpetual motion machines: fostering Hope in you, feeding on it, and starting all over again. Others of us, however, are military, part of a secret society known as the Fraternity of Light. Jay and I used to be part of it, soldiers that fought the bulk of the war against the Bringers, Avatars of evil.

Jay and I used to be Fraternity brothers, and happily so…until Bringers killed my wife, Sasha, under seriously messed up circumstances. My brother and I left the Fraternity that day, and swore to live as humans from then on. No magic, no fighting, no feeding on human emotion any more than we had to in order to stay alive.

For five years, we were doing just fine…until people started dying again, just like Sasha did.

With fresh blood being drawn, we had no choice: we had to go back. I couldn’t let more Avatars die if I could stop it. We were making some headway, at least…until humans started dying, and one of my best friends was about to become their next target.

Because the Bringers, they’re looking for something that could wipe us out…the source itself, the beginning of the line.

They’re looking for Pandora, and if they find her…if they kill her…life as we know it will end for good.


The world of the Avatars is complex and filled with so many stories it won’t be confined to just one.  Fans of magic & illusion will find a lot of magic geekery with history and references to well loved routines. Fantasy fans can enjoy the worldbuilding I’ve been doing for years now, and I really hope mythology buffs like me can get into how I’ve played with that world and expanded on the characters from Greek mythology…and later, from other pantheons. Even those who are intimately familiar with the Fraternity through hearing me talk about them will discover new things because I’ve revamped a few critical elements in the universe.

I hope the summary of the novel catches your eye, because I already have a lot of things stacking up to post before the first chapter even hits this blog. This week, keep an eye out for the complete myth of Pandora’s Box, character profiles on the Kellar twins, and if all goes well, a vignette straight from the world of the novel itself.

I’m excited about this, and I hope you all are, too. Trust me, I have as little idea how this will turn out as you do. These characters are loud, and they quite literally do as they damn well please.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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